Best tools and software for link building

The best tools and software for link building and link analysis

Link building is an essential aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) and plays a crucial role in improving the visibility and ranking of your website. The process involves acquiring links from other websites to your own, with the goal of increasing the number of inbound links to your site. The quality and relevance of these links can have a significant impact on your search engine rankings. Along with creating quality content and promoting it, using the right tools and software for link building and analysis can make the process more efficient and effective. In this article, we will discuss the best tools and software for link building and link analysis that can help you boost your SEO efforts.


This is one of the most popular and comprehensive tools for link building and analysis. It offers a wide range of features, including backlink analysis, keyword research, content analysis, and rank tracking. The tool also provides valuable insights on your competitors’ link building strategies, helping you identify opportunities for your own website. Ahrefs also offers a ‘Content Explorer’ tool which allows you to search the best performing content on the web and can help you create your own shareable and link-worthy content.


This is another all-in-one SEO tool that offers features such as backlink analysis, keyword research, and site audit. One of the unique features of SEMrush is its ‘Backlink Audit’ tool, which scans your backlink profile and flags any toxic links that could harm your website’s ranking. SEMrush also provides a ‘Link Building Tool’ which allows you to find potential link building opportunities, track your progress and analyze the links your competitors have.


This tool is primarily focused on backlink analysis, and it boasts the largest index of links on the internet. Majestic offers a range of features, including backlink analysis, link building, and competitor research. It also provides a ‘Site Explorer’ tool that allows you to view a detailed breakdown of your website’s backlink profile and identify potential link building opportunities.


This tool is popular for its backlink analysis and link building features, as well as its ‘Open Site Explorer’ tool. It offers a wide range of features such as keyword research, site audit, and rank tracking. Additionally, Moz provides the ‘Link Explorer’ tool that allows you to analyze your own and your competitors’ backlink profile, and a ‘Link Prospector’ tool that can help you find potential link building opportunities.


This tool allows you to find the most shared content on social media and also helps you to identify the influencers who are sharing that content. With Buzzsumo you can identify which type of content is more shared, create more of that and share with your target audience. This way you can increase the chances of getting backlinks.